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Doors with the
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Why choose Elegance PVC-U Doors from Eurocell Home

Outstanding technical performance

technical performance

Coordinates with our Logik windows

Coordinates with
our Logik windows

Superb energy efficiency performance

Superb energy
efficiency performance

Flexible opening and frame options

Flexible opening
and frame options

BBA certified system

BBA certified

Market-leading sustainability


Wide range of colour and style options

Wide range of colour
and style options

10-year guarantee for peace of mind

guarantee for
peace of mind

The perfect finish

The perfect finish

When you buy a PVC-U entrance door, you can rest assured you are investing in a quality product. PVC-U doors are low maintenance and secure.

Your choice

Every door is available in white or woodgrain effects. All woodgrain options are finely crafted to look realistic, but unlike wood they are guaranteed not to crack, peel or fade; so you can create the warmth that wood offers, without the hassle.

Your choice

Glazing and backing Glass options to suit

There is a range of glazing and backing glass options for you to pick your individual style and privacy level to suit your needs.

Glazing and backing glass options to suit

Individual style

A choice of frame styles – Chamfered or Ovolo and a choice of opening options mean you can tailor the finish of your entrance doors to your individual taste. You can even add something to the side with side panels, sidelights and toplights



(Straight edge)




Side panels

Side Panels

(Side lights and top lights also available)

The sustainable choice

The sustainable choice

For many years, PVC-U windows and doors have been recognised as the durable, low maintenance and energy efficient option. Now, thanks to recent advances in recycling, PVC-U windows and doors are the first choice material for sustainability too. It means that choosing to buy your PVC-U windows and doors from us is good for your home, your pocket and the environment.

Eurocell Home, which manufactures all of the PVC-U components used in our doors, is at the forefront of sustainable developments in the PVC-U industry. The company recycles approx 3 million waste window frames per year which would otherwise go to landfill. The material is used to manufacture brand new windows, for closed-loop material sustainability.

Colour Your World

Choose from a range of contemporary and traditional colours:



White interior

Anthracite Grey


White interior

Golden Oak


White interior



White interior



White interior

Black Ash

Black Ash

White interior

The Secure Choice

Protect your property

Your French doors are the gateway to your garden and the perfect addition to your home. They reflect your taste and create that all-important first impression. It’s important that the doors complement the style of your property as well as being functional and secure, durable enough to withstand regular use and secure enough to protect your property against intruders. Our French doors are constructed from the same robust PVC-U components as our windows, are the perfect way to maximise your garden and outdoor space, combining aesthetic appeal with practicality and low maintenance.

Low maintenance living

We know how stunning your french doors will look and that you will want to keep them looking that way for years to come. In addition to a full 10-year profiles guarantee, we also fit our doors with convenient easy to clean internal rebates, so you know your door will look its best with the minimum of effort.

Protection against intruders

Security is a primary function of any lifestyle door. Our doors are fitted with the latest generation of high-security locks to keep your property secure against break-ins. Multi-point locking systems are designed to prevent forced entry and all doors are internally beaded to prevent glazing units or PVC-U panels being removed from the outside.

Protection against the elements

PVC-U entrance doors offer exceptional protection against the elements. Air-tight seals keep out any drafts and effective drainage channels ensure there are no leaks. Our range of doors also offers excellent thermal efficiency, ensuring heat is retained in your home which helps to keep your energy bills down.

Peace of mind included as standard

10 years

10-year guarantee on the window and door frames

5 years

5-year guarantee on the glass

3 Years

3-year guarantee on the hardware